Are you overprotective of your heart?

Love is in the air! It’s the season of exposed shoulders, outdoor cocktails, shiny pedicures and sweaty yoga classes. It’s a sultry time. Does that mean we can just sit back and relax?

I think not. Now is the time to be brave with your heart.

I often talk about being “kind to your own sweet heart”. It’s a good idea to be kind to your heart, take care of it like a little child, to acknowledge the hard work, stretching, and contorting of your emotional center every day. Yes, we must be kind to our own sweet hearts.

However, there’s no need to be overprotective of your own heart. What would happen if you allowed your heart to be risky, gutsy, BOLD?? I dare you to give your heart the space to expand to find new levels of love. Go on, JUMP! You can risk it, you can trust your own sweet heart to be more powerful and capable than you’ve ever imagined.


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