Best Conditions for Intuition

Intuition comes naturally. It arrives in a flash with the right people, in the right setting, under the proper conditions. Everything has to be just right for the arrival of that special moment when you know exactly what to do, what to say.

A student commented on my dharma talk recently. To anyone overhearing our conversation, this would have been a normal exchange for yoga teacher and yoga student. But wait, WHAT dharma talk?! You mean those words I said right before we slipped into savasana, when I just closed my eyes and opened my mouth? You’re referring to THAT?!

I’d been teaching a room full of sweet, receptive yoga students. We’d created a supportive box to play in. And at the time, I felt I was just adding to the conversation, dropping a nugget into a vast body of wisdom. But apparently those conditions allowed me to meet my students exactly where they were.

You are intuitive. Assume it, believe it. The thing I’m most interested in: what conditions must be present for your intuition to kick in? When have you been your most naturally brilliant, instinctive, intuitive?


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