In the “In” Crowd

I was at the Yoga Journal Conference. There were classes, talks, and workshops, all happening back to back at the NY Hilton. And I didn’t go to a single one. Instead, I hung around the all-day all-public all-free YJ Marketplace.

I wasn’t trying to be anti-social, or avoid anyone or any thing. The Conference just wasn’t on my radar till it was too late. Truth is, it was my first YJ Conference and I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t know what classes to choose, what to wear, or who to go with. New social things are scary!

So when my dear friend and yoga writer extraordinare Joelle Hann invited me to tear her away from the windowless yoga party for lunch on Saturday afternoon, I was thrilled! I now had a buddy, a reason to be there, a proper invitation (well, sort of).

I showed up early enough on Saturday to carefully and anonymously check out every table, vendor (love Larabar’s new ‘blueberry muffin’ flavor), and brand of yoga pant. I was thoroughly enjoying my newness and my undercover knowledge of the players and the language, all while wearing street clothes and sipping a can of cherry coke zero (don’t judge, it’s delicious). I was getting into a groove when who do I run into?–Sadie Nardini! Teacher, friend, mentor, and all around yoga conference pro. I suddenly felt a lot more comfortable. Once I refocused my eyeballs, I could see that every few faces was a familiar one. And not because they’re famous, because they’re friends. True friends, people with whom I’ve shared experiences, personal stories, deep emotions. Seems I had it all wrong—this was my kind of party, after all!

Does the fear of not being in the “In” crowd EVER go away?! I’m so glad I moved through my own insecurity and got a few bits of chocolate samples to show for it.


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