Pass the Torch, Keep the Fire Burning

This past week has been a professionally emotional one for me.

I’ve passed along two time slots at the beautiful Bend and Bloom studio in Park Slope: Tues 3:30 and Wed 9:15. I’d been teaching these slots for a total of 8 months, holding the space for the studio owner while she was away on maternity leave. During this time a whole cast of characters have passed through—a wonderful, curious, happy, bizarre, silly, beautiful, hilarious crew. I’ve gained friendships, professional contacts and more warm fuzzy feelings that I can describe here. And magically, we’ve built community.

It has been difficult to teach with an end in sight and challenge myself practice non-grasping. Yeesh, I could have met these students week after week for years to come!!

Now, with a sweet and heavy heart, I’m working on paths to continue and EXPAND the community we’ve created! Here’s a hint of what I’ve got planned! Stay tuned for more info in the Daniellaviva Yoga Newsletter to come…..

1. PARTY PARTY PARTY!!!! You deserve it, ladies and gentleman!! I’ve heard far too many stories of success, new love, new education, new digs, and overall ROCKING OUT-NESS of life to deny you the recognition you deserve. This is for everyone that has used this deep winter to prepare for the blazing NOW of spring. This is for YOU! Bring yourself and your best cheerleaders. I’m thinking early June….

2. VIDEOS: Yoga is too good to stay within the 4 walls of the yoga studio. I’m working on long videos, short little videos, interviews, breakdown of poses, intricate explanation of kooky transitions, and an opportunity to show Aunt Roz in Boca Raton how you’ve been spending your “me-time”. Soon to be posted here on the Daniellaviva Yoga website and all over the interwebs far and wide.

3. CONTINUING EDUCATION: WHO practices yoga? Writers, scientists, healers, therapists, teachers, musicians, nerds, athletes, parents, lovers, LEADERS. What does yoga mean to you in the context of YOUR successful life? Let’s get talking—via video, written word, public discussions.

Have a beautiful weekend. See you soon!!

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