Spring Cleaning

Spring has sprung (finally!) and there’s new light shed on our old, dusty things. Physical things, household things, energetic things–you name it, we’ve got ’em, and they’re old. And dusty.

There’s no way around it. Its time to deal with Spring Cleaning.

Well, today I had my bi-monthly acupuncture appointment with the brilliant Christine Nichols. And boy did she give me a Spring Cleaning, but good! The treatment was an energetic detox to eliminate settled and stagnant “evil chi”. Eeek. Christine quickly assured me that everyone’s got some, and the chi isn’t bad, per se, it just settled in my body that way. (How very Jessica Rabbit.) Already, I feel SO relaxed and optimistic about everything that’s beginning to bloom in my life. Now if only I could stick some needles in my overflowing bookshelf and full sink of dirty dishes, we’d have something.

What’s Spring Cleaning for you?


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