Want to Make an Impact? Talk!

Do you want to make an impact? Do you want to have a positive effect on people? If you have a voice, you can change the world.

First, you’ve got to believe that your voice has value. Believe that your story has value. In your heart, believe that YOU have value. I know that may seem like a tall order. And it’s not always apparent when you’re indeed connecting with people. But remember, just by going through the normal, silly, messy business of living your life, you’re helping others. Simply put: Your discoveries shorten the learning curve for others. But only if you’re talking about them.

I know this because I get paid to talk during class, and no one (usually) talks back. But after class, however, people talk A LOT. Granted, some stories of discovery fly over my head, while others aren’t quite applicable to my life at the time. But often enough, I find myself thinking of something a student has said that gives me a solution to a problem I’m trying to solve, or a new perspective, or hope.

Talk! You’ll make an impact, I promise.


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