What Emotion Are You Selling?

Teachers: Ever have trouble describing your teaching, your philosophy, your schtick? Do you find it challenging to sum it up in a sentence or two? I know I do. When I’m teaching I’m talking, mushing on people, and engaging with bodies and energies right in front of me. I’m working with something planned but ad-libbing too. I act and I react, what a show!

So how do you synthesize that?

There’s feedback everywhere if only you’re willing to look and listen. Take a look at your students. They’re coming to you for an authentic experience. They’re connecting to what is most honest in you, your teachings, and in what you’re offering. Look closely, you’ll find a pattern. If they’re coming back, I’d bet they’re coming for an emotion. The promise of a good workout will get them in the door. But an emotional response will keep them returning week after week.

Ask yourself: What emotional component makes your yoga teaching experience complete? What essential emotion are you selling?


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