Your Next Retreat Is THIS CLOSE

This week I had a birthday. Like most birthdays for me, it was an introspective day, taking me away from the routine practices that keep me moving forward, functioning, and presenting in this world. I took the day off, scheduled as close to nothing as possible, and unapologetically gave myself the space to be myself and enjoy the little things I love.

I had coffee with a friend, ate sushi lunch solo, and took a stroll. I walked without purpose, doubling back and forth on familiar residential streets. I let my thoughts swirl. By the afternoon I felt renewed, like I’d gone far, far away. And at the same time, like I was a tourist in my own neighborhood. Walking, seeing, speaking to no one.

I gifted myself with a retreat. And never even had to use my Metrocard.

When was the last time you were honest about the things that make you happy? Happy not because you’ve done anything particularly impressive to others, but because you can be yourself?

Your next retreat can be right where you are, right now!


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