Has anyone ever told you to “keep on learning”?  At the time, did it seem like they meant that you should study hard, get good grades, and get a job that made you happy and wealthy?  If you’re lucky enough, someone HAS told you this, and again and again through your adulthood. Because the truth is that a happy life does indeed involve continuous learning. And I don’t just mean advanced degrees that put initials after your name. I’m talking about learning practical skills far after your formal education has finished.

Why would we want to keep on learning? Doesn’t it seem like a drag? Think of it this way–when we take the time to learn new things, we’re actually building a bigger and more relevant skill set to do the things we REALLY want to do, like make a difference in this world, connect with people, and love passionately.

It seems nuts and tragic to me that anyone would hold themselves back from doing the real heart-centered yummy stuff that they were put on the earth to do, simply because they didn’t know how to speak publicly, create an event on facebook, or even talk through a vinyasa sequence. Skills don’t just arrive at birth, or come with your high school diploma. They’re learned.

It’s not your fault if you don’t have skills. It IS your fault if you don’t get them. Go through with the process of learning and acquiring new skills no matter how long or boring or tedious. Because once you learn them, you’ve got ’em for good. And you can use them to facilitate the awesomely important human stuff that you’re meant to do.

It’s that simple. Learn the skills you need to have in order to do the things you’re meant to do. Repeat, and often.


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