The Path is Paved with Good Habits

Ever feel like all of your hard work and focus on the mat can waver from one day to the next? Like you can be blown off the path in just one weekend of eating and drinking? Imagine this: you’ve had a week of consistent yoga practice, you’re feeling great in your body and mind, and proud of yourself for being noble, wise, and good. And then one day pops up where you have a social engagement, a potluck, an extra glass of wine and dessert, or a temporary hiatus from portion control.

Do you feel motivated to work harder? Or are you less motivated, succumbing to the slippery slope of inactivity, the feeling of “blah” in the body, and the cut-off sensation from the neck down?

This might sound extreme, but it’s only a slightly extreme version of what I used to do, and how I used to feel. Now, even in my lower moments I can trust my body to re-calibrate to normal.

How? I’ve created easy habits to fall back into. I have yoga classes that I normally attend. It’s actually more of an effort to NOT go. How would I occupy that time? What would I tell my friends and teachers about why I couldn’t be there? I’ve created a positive arrangement so that I can’t slip so far off the path that it’s more effort than it needs to be to get back.

At some point, you’ll have to create some discipline for yourself. Do not give in to the insecurity and bloating. Please do not beat yourself up emotionally. Forget it, those emotions don’t get a say! Instead, place yourself in the position of continually arriving on the path. Create a habit so that you land on your mat on a regular basis. And when your mind is telling you self-defeating or unkind thoughts, you can rely on the simple act of habit to get back to the practice.

Try it: Put your body on the mat. Allow your heart and mind to come along on the path to feeling great.


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