Ladies’ Labyrinth

I’m a ladies’ lady. I work with ladies, I spend much of my free time with ladies, and most of my best friends are ladies. My life is built so that I bounce from appointment, to coffee date, to yoga date, to dinner date with the ladies that I adore. The more I teach yoga, create my own wacky schedule and spend odd hours riding the train, I realize there’s an underground web of women that rock the house. Rock. The. House. I’ve discovered the Ladies’ Labyrinth!

I’m in many places during the workday.  I meet people when they’re off duty, during the stolen hours between client meetings and dinner engagements. When they get to me, they’re ready to be real.

We’ve shared stories of the distant past, long family histories, as well as up-to-the-morning news. We imagine next weeks and next years, when we’re wiser and stronger than we are now. We get  right down to the heart of the matter, even with matters of the heart.

On days like today, I can feel the interconnected ladies in this town. Gratitude for the Ladies’ Labyrinth!


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