Shit Happens

Shit happens, and it just sucks. What else can you say? More importantly, how do you deal?

I spent the afternoon with a dear friend who delivered some sad news. She’s in shock, and she’s strong. With the support of friends and family, she’s healing while attending to the daily activities and obligations of her life.

Sometimes things happen that you truly don’t understand. It could be an unexpected death or illness. Or perhaps something less severe, but that feels just as intense. How do you honor a period of mourning while continuing with the normal pace of life?

In my own experiences of death and loss, I’ve observed that most of the time I’m fine, I’m keeping it together. Work is a relief, as I’m able to focus on something else. Without distraction, however, I’m overwhelmed. I’m not quite in control of unpredictable emotions. Emotional triggers seem to be hidden in the strangest places: for my friend it was a song playing at the grocery store, and a familiar scent of moisturizer.

It’s like working double duty. We exist in our daily lives, supporting the joys and triumphs of our loved ones, while soothing ourselves.

Time heals. That’s all I know. If you’re in the thick of healing, mourning, there is no other place to be. Be in it, even if moving your life along at its normal pace feels more challenging than ever. Keep moving, stay honest, and please indulge in the freedom to experience what comes even when you least expect it.


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