Why So Serious?

Summertime…..and the yoga is silly.  Summer yoga is a mix of sweat, snot and tears. And at some point all three mix into one slip-‘n-slidy yogic mess. In a good way.

Yoga tends to be serious. We focus on the subtle feelings of our body when we’re doing challenging things. We can talk for hours about the alignment of the bones of the inner ankle in warrior 2. Sure, yoga is intense, focused, and refined. But does that mean it has to be so serious? Absolutely not!

I believe it’s possible to have a very internal, die-hard focused, and truly calming practice because of the intensity of the physical postures AND the levity of the mood. Being happy, warm, supported, and loved isn’t a distraction. Laughter doesn’t have to take you out of your yoga practice. It brings you deeper IN.

It’s summer and it’s sweaty and ridiculous. It’s a fabulous time to plan on becoming a hot mess without shame. Just remember to bring a towel.


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