You like me. You really, REALLY like me!

I’m having a Sally Fields moment.

At 7am on Tuesday morning most people are asleep. Or half asleep, or wishing they were asleep.  I’ve been up for hours, miraculously showered and dressed and packed for the workday. I’ve already seen a client and am fully in teaching mode, handling blocks and straps with ease, speaking in a full authoritative voice, with a little nasally giggle every now and then. At 7am I’m at the mid-point of my workday. I’m in flow.

And still, I was happily surprised yesterday morning when 17 yoga students buzzed up to the studio to practice at that hour.  There was chatting before class. Regulars, who are accustomed to individualized attention, looked around at the scene, bewildered.  Something strange was happening but I didn’t know what.

5 of the 17 people were Lululemon employees. Some are students of mine, who have taken my classes in many studios. They tend come alone, or make it a yoga date with just one of their colleagues. But a whole staff outing? Ridiculous fun!

After class, as I was gathering my ipod and putting props away, they descended. All five ladies appeared in a semi-circle, one holding a bouquet of sunflowers, and another bearing an adorable greeting card with polka dots. In it: “Daniella, Will you be our AMBASSADOR? We love you! *heart* lululemon athletica Brooklyn *heart*”

YESYESYES! I felt like I entered a sweepstakes. And surprise…I won!

You heard it here first. Stay tuned for lotsa Lululemon cuteness, photo shoots, events, and other sweat-wicking goodness. For now, just keep in mind that those Lulu ladies really know how to steal a girl’s heart, and make her day!


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