Got Energy?

Last week was an energetic doozy. It was filled with long days out of sync with my regular routine.

On the normally designated “greasy hair and pajama days” sitting in front of the computer, I was instead out and about, in the flow of activities. I enjoyed the sweet nostalgia of  stepping into a couple of my old-time teaching slots from last fall and winter. I posed for the lululemon ambassadorship photo shoot, and took part in meetings for the super duper exciting upcoming Practice Camp at Mala Yoga.

But when I woke up last Monday morning, I had a sweeping feeling of panic. I couldn’t imagine what was to come. I wasn’t able to visualize myself in each activity to create a calm and prepared presence. My trusty written calendar was sloppy and illegible. And most importantly, when would I get a nap?!  The newness and one-offness of the week threw me. Big time.

And when I get thrown, I get tired. I get low-energy, sleepy, pooped.  Just the thought of the week to come made me ready to curl up and rock myself into a dream state. Oy vey, NOT a good look for an active yoga teacher–a physical example of health and peppiness!

Miraculously, the week happened and I lived to blog about it.

My energy started to shift after my first appointment. One thing down, check. It wasn’t immediate, but as I sloped toward the midpoint of my weekly activities each step fell naturally from the next. And by Friday afternoon, I forgot to worry for a moment. I wasn’t dragging all of the past and future activities with me in my brain. Instead, I placed my full attention on the apricot iced tea I was drinking.

Having stuff to DO refocused my energy into action, instead of anxiety. In the end, I felt even fuller with energy.  And yes, the caffeinated iced tea helped.


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