Freedom of Forever

“My new goal is to practice forever.”

An actual quote from a student. These are big words, kooky even, but spoken out of self kindness, balance and moderation. Her plan is to practice twice a week till she’s 90 years old instead of five times a week only to burn out quickly. She will see results over time, and feel younger as she gets older. She’ll have more energy to bounce around with the kids, and still have tons left over for herself, her partner, and her interests.

I support her in that plan!

The term “forever” can be freeing  instead of overwhelming.  What a lovely relief to think “forever”, instead of “this week”, “this month”, or “this afternoon”. No more “if”, just “how” and “when”.  No more energy wasted on deciding over the big stuff.  Instead, “forever” frees you up to enjoy the preferences of the little stuff.

You no longer need to resolve to do the right thing, each and every time. Let go of the indecision of whether to attend a yoga class, prepare a simple and healthy breakfast for yourself, or say a kind word to your partner before bed.  Just plan on “forever” and relish the possibilities: Vinyasa over Iyengar, eggs over easy, or “I’m over the moon for you, dear”.


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