In Touch

Yesterday I received a shocking email message. Big events were happening for a  family member on the other side of the country. The actual events were normal enough. But the shocking part was that I had no idea any of these things were unfolding.

There were no secrets, just failures to communicate.

What happened to the regular practice of touching base? Keeping in touch? And more importantly, what’s the point of  digging deep in the yoga studio, honing my ability to connect with people on a more intimate level, only to miss the opportunity to connect with family? After all, isn’t family more important than anything?

So, I connected.  I made the call. Without without the drama of getting the story second-hand from other family members, I went straight to the source.

I now realize that for communication to happen, someone has to start. I’m not always the best, but I’m willing keep up the practice of keeping in touch.


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