Computerized Rest

Just as a virus stops the body dead in its tracks and demands immediate attention, so it does to my computer.

I discovered on Monday that my computer was so overrun with viruses that the interwebs no longer opened and the entire thing became useless. From Monday to Wednesday, there were no facebooks, twitterings, nor drafting blog posts at my desk with an iced coffee by my side. I was crippled without internet access.

But to my own surprise, I delighted in the computerized rest. For 3 days I took notes by hand (!). I took walks to clear my mind and develop new ideas. I had no pull to the seat at my desk nor to the most updated news feed.  And when the computer tech guy came to clean it all up, I fully enjoyed sitting on my couch, reading a magazine, and feeling the breeze of midday air on my skin. There was nowhere else I could have been but right there. And despite the forced nature of it, that’s exactly where I wanted to be.

About an hour into reading, observing and waiting for my computer to be virus-free, I felt a wave of calm and well-being rush over me. There was no reason for it, I hadn’t been doing anything differently the moment before. I was just thrilled that someone else was taking care of things. I was on pause. And it was perfect.

First off, I encourage everyone to get AVG Security,Version 2011 on their computer.  And listen to your body when you feel overrun, pulled thin, or plain-old pooped. Renewal can come during the simplest situations–like stepping away from a cranky computer to sit on the couch and enjoy the breeze.


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  1. Gayle

    Ah, so well said! Love it when the universe conspires to let us dwell in the moment.

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