Color of the Week and Mala Practice Camp THANK YOU!

This week’s nail color is brought to you by the cuties at Mala Yoga, the newly discovered Butter London brand of polish, and the need for some pre-autumn drama.

After I taught yesterday’s 8am Int/Adv class at Mala, Steph came in to teach her regular 10am and 12pm slots. Looking awesome, she kissed me on the forehead and placed a card and a little tissue-papered box in my hand. In the card was the sweetest hand writted message from Angela Clark and Stephanie Creaturo, acknowledging and thanking me for being part of Mala Practice Camp for the past two weeks.

For the record, the Mala Practice Camp was aMAzing! The students rocked the house. They baffled me with their dedication, and worked harder than anyone should at 6:45am. Angela and Steph were thoughtful and brilliant, and always hilarious. I’m so gushingly thankful to be part of the Mala community.

But wait, wondering what was inside the tissue-papered box? The most fabulous nail color: Branwen’s Feather by Butter London. Who knew there’s life after OPI?!

Color of the Week - Branwen's Feather by Butter London


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