I Got a Plan(ner)

Last week I walked into Barnes & Noble’s with purpose. I went directly to the calendar section and purchased a pretty purple 18 month planner.

I live and die by my planner. No subbing gigs, coffee dates, or late night phone conversations will happen unless I consult with my planner first.

I purchased my very first planner in May 2010, in an attempt to bring visual structure to the unstructured daily life of a new yoga teacher. Classes were difficult to schedule. And days were left wide open until the very last moment. In order to calm myself, I hand wrote all my appointments in the open squares for every day, month by month, as far as my current perspective could see.

In June 2010, I met with my coach bi-weekly, same place and same time. Now we meet after yoga class for tea and dessert and share as friends do. In September 2010 every Thursday was “Prenatal with Gayle.” Now Gayle is the happy momma of a 9-month-old soup dumpling of a son.

My yoga teaching career began in that book. It’s the visual expression of everything I’ve worked for. And it marks all the wonderful opportunities that I couldn’t have planned for. It’s all there.

Now there’s a new book in town. Looking forward to filling it up!


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