I am not a superfood.

I’ve been on an experimental health kick for the last two weeks. Nudged along by the good intentions of my friends, I’ve entered the world of juices, smoothies, and superfoods.

Don’t get me wrong, I am generally a healthy person. I order grilled chicken salads and sashimi bento boxes for lunch. I snack on whole fruits. I eat food that resembles actual food (with the gaping exception of my Italian Ice obsession.)  Therefore, I was surprised to find that my new nutrient-packed lifestyle made me feel like crap. And not in a good way.

It all started with a smoothy. In it, was a mash-up of spinach and other greens. After a little finagling with the recipe, adding extra salt and ice cubes, it was perfectly delicious. Because it was a smoothy and not a juice, all the fiber and chunky bits were included with the liquid. I thought this would be an advantage–less ingredients to produce more of the thick green stuff.  But after a little while, my body felt water-logged, bloated and spherical.

A few days later, I decided to give smoothies another try. This time, I wanted something sweet. I opted for blueberry, the antioxidant-rich ingredient of the moment. I also added raspberries, soy milk, whey protein and flaxseed oil. What a healthy way to start the day–pure protein, good omegas, and antioxidants! I sipped that baby right up! 

Thankfully I was only a short walk from home. After I couple blocks my belly rumbled. By block three I was running home as fast as my little legs could carry me. I got home just in time for the inevitable. Surely, this was not the intended response. Right?

Third try, dinner of sautéed kale with quinoa and pomegranate seeds. The meal was generously prepared by my dear friend Danielle. [Danielle, you know I love you. There’s no one else who’d understand this blog better.] After a full helping of greens, I felt woozy. I was a little nauseous, and uninterested in food. Not surprisingly, I was bloated.

What do I do now? Is my body rebelling against the sheer amount of nutrients in one sitting? Is my reaction normal? I guess I’m not ready to commit to a diet made up of superfoods, antioxidants and natural enimas.

I’m heading to Louie G’s.


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One response to “I am not a superfood.

  1. Rachel Klein

    Hi (to my favorite yoga teacher)! I had to write to tell you that I had a similar experience recently. After watching 3 different documentaries about the benefits of a vegeterian/vegan diet I felt compelled to give it a try. After two weeks I had gained 5 lbs, and felt so tired everyday and even needed to take a nap (something I never do). I decided it just wasn’t worth it for me. It isn’t right for me to live in any extreme. I enjoy eating a balanced diet and can allow myself days and sometimes weeks when my body knows I need less meat or more vegies or even chocolate and icies!!!!! I love your posts. You are so great!!!! See you in class soon. Rachel

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