Life Won’t Always Look Like This

My life won’t always look like this. I won’t always be looking out from my fire escape, onto the cranes, the water, and Governer’s Island. I won’t always be gazing out this particular window, at these particular surroundings.

My life won’t always look like this. Of course it won’t, that would be crazy, silly and ridiculous. Yet sometimes I feel that it might, that nothing will change. When I’m feeling unhappy or stuck, I remind myself that soon I’ll look back on this time period from the safe distance of memory.

Take a look around. See the objects you touch, the emails you send, the furniture you sit on, and even the foods you eat. It’s possible to love your life right now–your drippy faucets, loud neighbors, and long walk to the train.

Personally, I feel deep, delicious gratitude for the impermanence of life and the promise of a new scene out my window.


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