Living With Doubt

I talk a lot about moments of fear and uncertainty. And how to get past them to the other side–the brighter side of clarity and calm.

But today I’d like to hover over the darker, murky, less comfortable side. I’m talking about very real moments of doubt.  These moments can be unstable and confusing. When they’re happening, there are no words to describe them except “get me outta here, fast.”  But they do indeed exist, and tend to arrive right before inspiration and change.

We can’t gloss over doubts. If we do, nothing will get resolved.  Instead, maybe we can lean in to our doubts and use them to our advantage? If nothing else, our doubts are completely ours–authentic and bizarre and filled with our own personality.

The exact thing that causes doubt–our ability to work, love, look good, or be compassionate, for example–can be our best asset. Because if we do what we set out to do, while feeling unsteady and unsure, we’re doing it with bravery. Double whammy of goodness!

Living this way gives every moment a fist pumping “I can do it!” enthusiasm. And we can, without a doubt.



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2 responses to “Living With Doubt

  1. Marie Coons

    I’ll certainly reread this next week when i start my teacher training! ; )

  2. Gayle

    Such a great post…will be thinking about leaning into doubt. That really resonates with me. Thanks!!

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