Know Your Value…TODAY!

Who’s the most influential person out there today? You are!!

It’s true. You have value as a mover and a shaker, and a friend and a lover. Of course you do, you’re brilliant and pretty darned good-looking. 

I know you’ve got numerous projects all going at the same time, each at different stages of completion. You have goals set in place. You’ve mapped out Plans A, and B, and then another couple for good measure, just in case. You have sincere, delicious hope for the future. 

You’ve probably mastered the skill of thinking long-term, envisioning your ideal life. You’re making it real through hard work, focus and perseverance.

But please, please, don’t forget that your self-worth exists TODAY.  It doesn’t magically appear in 7 years when you have expanded your business into a self-sustaining fixture in the community. Nor in three months when your article finally gets published. And not even in a week when the presentation you’ve been preparing for goes off without a hitch. Your value will be as clear then, as it is now.

You have value TODAY, exactly as you are.


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