Turn up the Volume!

If you have ever practiced next to me in class, you know that I have a quiet yoga practice. On the whole, I’m pretty unassuming. I don’t take up too much space or call too much attention to myself.  I can flow seamlessly from pose to pose. My practice is decidedly Low-Volume. 

On the mat, I know how to make it look like I’m present, and in the moment. But just because my body awareness has improved over time, that doesn’t mean I’ve gotten any more enlightened. Or any less chattery in my little brain. Far from it.

In easeful poses, I can easily be very far away.  But some poses, like handstand, are still major challenges for me.  And when attempting handstand, I’m immediately awake. I’m shaken out of my dreamy vinyasa waltz.  I put all my effort into finding the balance, holding my gaze, and refining the shape for just an extra breath before I fall. And I fall a lot. Sometimes loudly. I’m no longer the light dancer that flows from Warrior 2 to Side Angle. Instead, I’m a focused practitioner, calling upon all of my resources in that exact moment to find myself sticking handstand, and then descending with variable amounts of grace. 

In a practice of mostly whispers, it’s nice to turn up the volume to a roar, every now and then!




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