Inside The Yoga Studio

Teaching yoga is not easy, not by a long shot.

But it is simple. Inside the yoga studio my role is clear. I talk, I teach, I facilitate. My students’ role is clear. They listen, move, breath in unison, and enjoy their bodies.

That’s what happens inside the yoga studio. It’s our grown-up slumber party. It’s a suspension of outside obligations. Inside the yoga studio we make a wordless deal to play nicely with each other, to play respectfully. We cheer each other on. Go ahead, be ridiculous, be great, be honest. 

At the end of class, there’s pregnant silence. We gather our things from the outer corners of the room–sweatshirts, keys, regular pants without luon. Soon we’ll each be a commuting body moving at quick speeds underground. But not yet.

What happens inside the yoga studio stays with us as we move outside into the world. Till we come back and do it all again tomorrow.


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