Single Ladies!!!

Or “Why Your Coupled Friends Should Be Interested In Your Single Life.”

You’re a single girl. You date. You have dating joys and mishaps. When it comes to dating, you’ve always got a story.

But have you ever found that your adventures in dating are dismissed by your married friends? Have you ever felt that no matter how intense it felt at the moment, your dating newsflash is deemed less serious than the love lives of more established couples?

I know you know what it’s like to be overflowing with giddy excitement, practically bursting at the seams to share with your fellow single ladies the intricacies of negotiating the first kiss.  But what happens when you’re brunching with your happily married girlfriend with 2 kids?  Do you clam up? Do you hold back on the dating details for fear that your non-single friends will judge you as fickle, or worse, incomplete? Maybe you censor yourself because it seems less important next to the “mature” endeavors of raising a child or paying off a mortgage? It’s not.

Dating is important.  It’s empowering. To all the women who date, or chose not to date, I know you’re inquiring in yourself what you find attractive, fun, playful and sexy.  You’re testing your own boundaries, and oftentimes feeling very deep emotions without the stability of a long-term partner.  You’re getting closer to yourself. You’re doing the good work for all of womankind. Thank you.

No pressure, though.  Late night booty calls are perfect too.

“Coffee” is copyright (c) 2009 Vinni123 and made available under a Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 license.



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2 responses to “Single Ladies!!!

  1. Danielle Martinez

    I love it when my single best friend calls me up and tells me about her dates or her anxious moments. Even though we have been married for 7 years and have a 6 year old son we do not mind one bit. She enjoys listening to my Mommy blunders as well as my wifely blunders. And I like to listen to her about her dating blunders. She reminds me of the ideals I had when I first started that I sometimes needed reminding and I give her my “expert” advice when she needs it.

  2. Danielle, you’re an excellent friend and an awesome lady! You and your single BFF are lucky to have each other.

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