Happy Time?

Yesterday, I woke up naturally. The crisp autumn light was pouring through the windows. The curtains were wide open, as usual. That night I’d allowed my body to sleep a restful and restorative 9 hours.

And yet, I was stressed. Antsy. And completely out of sorts. You see, I’m not used to waking up after sunrise.  I’m a very early riser.  My boyfriend nicknamed me “Farmer Daniella” because I’m up and down with the sun. The early morning is my time, no matter how warm and soft the blankets feel when I first hear my alarm. In the darkness, I know the day will be full and eventful.  Before the sun rises, I feel like I have all time in the world. I am happy.

But yesterday, opening my eyes only to squint them shut again, I felt I’d missed something.  I felt as if I was already behind. The day’s plan felt jumbled.  There were things to do, and seemingly not enough time to do them.

Luckily, after a long shower and a generous pour (or 3) of morning coffee I was more relaxed and ready for the day.

But I couldn’t ignore my reaction. I like to think of myself as a free spirit, easy-going and relaxed. But clearly I’m a creature of habit. My happiness is more dependent on outside factors than I could previously admit.

Fine. So what are they?

I’m happy in the morning, with the day open with hope and possibility. I’m happy when I’ve accomplished at least one thing that day, deep in the flow of my work. I’m happy walking, moving, and breathing deeply. I’m happy singing to myself (just a little too loudly) on a crowded city sidewalk. I’m happy sitting on the subway, thumb-typing emails on my blackberry, freeing up time to play above ground on the other side of my journey.

And guess what? We all have the power to make ourselves happy.  We can design our own happiness, create optimal situations for it, and produce it every day–just the way we like it!


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