Thanksgiving Wrap-Up: The Same, but Different

Thanksgiving was delicious, joyful, and a beauty to behold. Just like last year. In fact, it was so familiar and unremarkable in its good cheer that I almost overlooked how this year’s Thanksgiving dinner was very different from last year.

Thanksgiving Bound!

This year I have a boyfriend.

Many of  you know this by now. You know that my boyfriend’s name is Alan and that he’s kind and charming and I think he’s pretty special. What you may not know is that Alan has an equally kind and charming, and super-adorable daughter named Sophie. She’s the spitting image of her dad. (I love that about her.) And this year, both Alan and Sophie joined us to give thanks.

I filled Sophie’s plate with cranberry sauce, and passed the butternut squash to Alan. My father talked, my mother cleaned, and I loosened my belt  as a precautionary measure. Everyone laughed and kvetched about something. It all felt comfortable and right.

But Thanksgiving was different this year, and I’m over-the-moon thankful for it.


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