Hesitation…till the very last moment.

Should I go to yoga class?

As I walk down the subway stairs, I can’t decide. While I wait on the platform to transfer to the local train, I’m on the fence. As I walk up the stairs onto the street, I waver.  Pounding the pavement toward the studio, I’m still torn.  I open the door, and here I am.

I guess I’m going to class.

Sometimes decisions are made with my feet. My whole body propels me forward, while my mind flounders. If not for the momentum of my body, I’d be stuck going in circles, or worse, paralyzed with doubt.

It’s hesitation till the very last moment. Ever feel that? Perhaps you have plans to attend a holiday party. Or meet some friends for a drink. Or even go to the gym for a quick workout. The mind says…”Maybe, maybe not, maybe, maybe not, etc.”  And before you know it, you’ve arrived at your destination, and the answer becomes “YES.”  Phew, the sweet relief of a decision made.

It’s exhausting. You’ve just spent more energy hesitating than on the actual business at hand. And now the Holiday Season is officially here, an already stressful time. Don’t you want to make things easier on yourself? So when the mind whips up a generous helping of confusion, indecision and doubt, just keep moving forward. One step at a time.


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