Work vs. Love: What’s More Important?

Work vs. Love. What’s more important to you?

I just picked up the latest copy of Time Out New York. And what do I see on the cover? NYC Dating NOW! Well, well, well, this looks interesting.

And what is the very first question on the very first page of the cover story? Which is more important to you right now? Being successful in my chosen career OR Finding a long-term relationship? Of the 100 people who took this poll, 61% chose career. Only 39% chose relationship.

I’ve asked this question in my interviews for The Dating Project. And oftentimes my ladies agree that YES, right now work trumps love.

So now I’m asking YOU. What do you think? Is “right now” the most important qualifier? How about 5 years from now? 10 years from now? Is this a New York thing?

Please comment here, we’re dying to know what you think. Work vs. Love: What’s More Important?

Front and Center!

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One response to “Work vs. Love: What’s More Important?

  1. Only after you’ve found yourself (your career, etc) can you find the someone who compliments it best. Do what you love and love what you do, be that putting the majority of your energy into work, love, self, or doing your best to split it equally… because once you have a kid, everything changes. And I know you’ve heard that before, and I’d heard it, too, of course, but it’s not something I understood until it happened. Hell, I still don’t really believe or understand it most days. What it comes down to now is… the choices aren’t mine to make anymore, someone else is all I can/want to think about! Is it Saturday yet?!

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