Do You Identify Yourself as “Single”?

Do you identify yourself as “single”?

We all know how to fill out forms. We received the census. We took standardized tests. We applied for jobs. We filled in the dots, checked the boxes and printed legibly. Forms are a fact of life.

When you’re prompted for a name, it’s a no brainer. When you need to fill out your mailing address, you might consider home vs. office. And then that’s done. But when you’re prompted for something a little more sensitive, like say, marital status, how do you respond?

Would you happily check the box for “single”?

I’m realizing that many women would not.

I’ve been interviewing women for The Dating Project, here at The Inside Voice. I get to speak with amazing women about topics that I adore–love, dating and relationships. These women are successful, articulate, gorgeous, and for the most part, single.

For many of these women, being single is not their preference. But it’s also not their detriment. They have negative feelings, some painful, lonely, frustrated and sad. But they also have a sincere desire to design their own happiness. Hope lives in these women. Love lives here.

So I was surprised when a potential interviewee said she was too angry and frustrated to share. She didn’t want to be part of a community of women that are “single and awesome.” She didn’t want to make such declarations. She just wanted to get through this and on to better circumstances. She wanted an end to the heartache. And partnership, and love.

I totally understand. Sometimes you’re just not ready. And I imagine many of you feel the same way. Who wants to talk about their “singlehood”?  If you DON’T, I get it. But please, DO keep reading. You may be single, but you’re not alone.


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