You Deserve it ALL in 2012!

Dating is hard work. Just like everything else that ratchets your life up to awesome.

Yes, dating is hard. Sometimes truly gut wrenching. It’s not all high heels and first dates and sexy lingerie. In fact, much of dating is a different kind of loneliness. It’s alone-time, and waiting for him to communicate in any number of unacceptably stingy digital ways.

Why didn’t he call? Who can tell, he’s got a thousand reasons, most of which you are not aware of. And most likely they’re not really about you. Why didn’t he invite you to a party with all of his friends and friends’ girlfriends? Maybe because he’s scared of being overwhelmed by a relationship, or enjoys being the single guy among his crowd, or something else entirely different.

You can’t know, and you can’t let it get you down. Not now. Not in 2012.

I’m not being flip. Truly, I know these events can sting. I know they can hurt. But instead of thinking about him, trying your hardest to get inside his head and his psyche to see why he did the things he did, turn it back to YOU.

How does this behaviour make YOU feel? Do you feel connected to this person? Does this person inspire you artistically? Does this person inspire you sexually? Are you even seeing this person as a full person (as you’d like to be seen) OR are you blinded by your own delusion that this relationship is your very last chance at love? Do you believe that after this, there will be no more boys, no more flirting, no more potential? You’re wrong.

Every day, I speak to women who want more. They deserve more. YOU deserve more. You deserve it ALL in 2012!



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2 responses to “You Deserve it ALL in 2012!

  1. Daniel

    I know I’m not the target demographic but you’re a great writer, Daniella! Just wanted to say that, and to encourage you to keep up the good work. HNY!

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