8 Things To-Do Before Your Best First Date Ever

It’s Date Night!  You’re excited, and a little nervous. Before you step out of the house, make sure you’ve covered the…

8 Things To-Do Before Your Best First Date Ever

1. Get over your Ex. You wish him the best. Really, you do.

2. Get a great job that both nourishes you and earns you boatloads of money. (read: boatloads=enough to pay rent and take a cab home every now and then).

3. Figure out your proper bra size. Invest in a sexy bra/panty set. Wear it on a Tuesday, just ’cause.

4. Learn how to receive a compliment. Practice saying “Thank You” in front of the mirror.

5. Learn how to give a compliment. Compliments feel good for girls and boys. Go on, make your date feel good. Nothing lost, nothing promised, just kind words.

6. Shave your legs. No superstitions, it just feels better.

7. Know where you need to be tomorrow, and at what time. Intentionally choose to (or choose NOT to) end the date accordingly.

8. Drop the expectations. Sometimes, The Best First Dates Ever just creep up on you. (Who knew miniature golf could be so much fun?!)


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