The Dating Project…Meet Suzy

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The Dating Project, the newest segment here at The Inside Voice! We’re talking to sexy, successful and smarty-pants women to find out what they really think and feel about dating. Because being single doesn’t mean you’re ALONE.

Let’s meet Suzy!***

1. Age and Occupation? Almost 39. Yoga teacher, poet, artist, and photographer.

2. Are you currently in a relationship? No.

3. Place in order of Importance: Work, Friends, Love, Other.

LOVE, definitely first. I’m gonna say love, creative expression, friends, family. And work is last.

What do you mean exactly, by “creative expression”?

The stuff you love to do. Writing a great poem, taking a photograph that captures something special. Teaching a really great yoga class.

4. Can you spot any patterns in past relationships?

Oh yeah. I definitely get obsessive. I get wrapped up in my mind. My mind goes on its own tangent and it’s almost impossible to reel it back in. I just keep on thinking of someone, and when I can be with them again. It’s kind of like affirmation that I’m lovable and someone else out there loves me and wants to be with me. Affirmation that I’m worthy of love, that someone else out there loves the “real me”.

I also have a tendency to go for men that aren’t “good for me”. I know I deserve better than I think I do.

5. Rate yourself, on a scale 1-10:

Self Confidence-6 or 7


Attractiveness-I don’t know!! Oh my god….wow. 7? I don’t know, that’s ridiculous….no….

I’m gonna stop your right there. Seems like your freak-out could go on for a while.

I want to be confident about my appearance, but humble at the same time. That’s a hard question!

6. What barriers keep you from meeting a guy you like?

I don’t think I’m worthy.

7. What does your dating life look like now?

Potential…..This year is full of it!

8. What attributes are most attractive to you in a partner?

Kind, generous, funny, beautiful, intelligent, charismatic, caring, sees the beauty in every day, open, non-judging, spiritual. My god, spiritual should be at the top! Spiritual. Also, trust-worthy.

That’s a great list!

9. a) What does your perfect love life look like?

Dream of dreams? I’m with someone who makes me really happy. We bring out the best in each other. He supports the work I do. Nice if we’re were both doing artistic stuff, and we’re successful at it. We travel. We’re just in synch.

b) In a word (or words), what does that scenario feel like?

GOOD! Kind and loving. Gifted. Cause all great relationships are a gift.

10. Last question, do you believe in “The One”?

Oh god, I believe there are a few “One’s” depending on the choices you make. I believe in reincarnation, that we are all the culmination of many different lifetimes. I believe you can share your life with many people in different ways.

Thanks Suzy!

Inside Voice Wrap Up: Suzy is on the verge of something fabulous. She is soulful, spiritual, and hopeful. She had been out of the dating scene for waaaaay too long. But now she’s back. She’s reawakened her ability to feel love. She told me that being open to love and partnership is scary and vulnerable. But she’s ready. She wouldn’t want it any other way. Suzy’s year is full of potential. There’s something urgent about her awakening. She want’s it now. And now’s the time for her.

***Some names have been changed, some haven’t. Each woman has the option to use her own name or choose her fantasy pseudonym. I’m not telling which ones are which. Hear these women’s voices. Listen to their stories. They’re just like you!


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