Top 10 Dating Tips: From Me. To Me.

I’m so off-the-wall excited to bring you the Top 10 Dating Tips: From Me. To Me!!!

I have the honor of interviewing the bestest women on the planet for The Dating Project. And at the very end of these interviews, when the pen is down, the book is closed, the interview is ov-ah, I’ve been slipping in one more teensy-weensy little question:

“What Advice Would You Give Your 10-Year-Younger Self?”

Here’s what our women said:

1. Don’t get married.

2. Don’t lose your sense of self in the relationship you’re in.

3. Make yourself happy first.

4. Don’t do what you think you should be doing. Do what makes you feel good.

5. Remind yourself how beautiful you are every day.

6. Being strong doesn’t mean denying what you want.

7. Don’t be afraid to be alone. It’s not that bad!

8. Be patient with yourself. Don’t rush to the endpoint.

9. You don’t have to compromise on everything. A good man shouldn’t ask you to.

10. It’s OK to be weak every now and then.



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2 responses to “Top 10 Dating Tips: From Me. To Me.

  1. Great advice. May be the best post yet. Thanks!

    Sneaking in a question about advice to their future selves…?

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