Men and Gossip: When To Shut Up?

Dating is a series of stories I tell my friends. We giggle, commiserate, and bond over our dating stories. We’re story tellers. And these men are the stars.

But at some point I stop portraying my dates like cartoon characters, brought up in conversation only as entertainment over brunch. I think of them differently, and honor them as real live three-dimentional people whose inner life and emotions aren’t going to be broadcasted over mimosas. I stop gossiping, and just, well, shut up.

When my lips are sealed my friends know we’re serious. They know we’re for keeps.  When they ask “How are things with Alan?,” I can say “really good.” Because they are. Because the intricacies of how we’re improving, evolving, and learning are completely our own. And well, personal.

This didn’t happen overnight. But it did happen.

How long do YOU have to be in a relationship to stop the gossip and just shut up already?


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