10 Commandments of Dating

Inspired by the brilliant Jonathan Fields’ 10 Commandments of Biz, I’ve compiled the 10 Commandments of Dating.

WARNING: Following these Commandments will transform you into a more twinkly, passionate, pulsing, overflowing-with-love version of yourself. The relationships that follow are, well, cake.

The 10 Commandments of Dating

  1. For every date with a potential partner, set a date with yourself. Surprise yourself with flowers.
  2. Savor each and every molecule of dinner, dessert, and wine that you didn’t pay for. Chivalry is not dead. Show some appreciation!
  3. Find something lovable about the person sitting across from you.
  4. Know that when on a date, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. Even if you’ve suggested otherwise during every moment up to that point.
  5. Learn from past experiences. If you don’t like dating men who want to be taken care of, don’t keep on dating ’em.
  6. If you’re drawn towards someone, move closer. You’ll find out everything you need to know soon enough.
  7. Trust yourself. Date as if you’ll never get hurt. Because getting hurt isn’t the worst thing in the world, regret is.
  8. Trust the guy. The worst that can happen is you’ll be disappointed.
  9. Periodically take a look back at the boyfriends that have come into your life. Mentally thank them for sharing that time with you. It was perfect for what it was. You most likely learned something. Or just had a lot of fun.
  10. Politely ask your siblings to get on the baby-making track already. Your mother isn’t becoming a grandmother overnight, you know. If you’re an only child like me, I’m sorry. Jewish Mothers have the subtlety of a cinderblock. Oy Vey.

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