Top 10 Dating Tips: From Me. To Me.

Hello my loves! I’m still so ridiculously thrilled to present the Top 1o Dating Tips: From Me. To Me.! Already, I’ve learned SO much about what women wish they’d known 10 years ago.

Here’s the Deal: I have the honor of interviewing the bestest women on the planet for The Dating Project. And at the very end of these interviews, when the pen is down, the book is closed, the interview is ov-ah, I’ve been slipping in one more teensy-weensy little question:

“What Advice Would You Give Your 10-Year-Younger Self?”

Here’s what our women said:

1. The worst thing that’s gonna happen is you’ll get hurt. And you’ll live.

2. You’ll love again.

3. It’s worth it, go for it!

4. When things get intense, let the moment pass. Don’t give in to the knee-jerk reaction, you’ll say something you don’t really mean.

5. Don’t forget about your friends. Don’t get so wrapped up in the relationship that your friends “forget” to invite you to things.

6. It’s OK to let your boyfriend see how batshit crazy you are. Better sooner than later.

7. Enjoy this time. You’ll have everything you want very soon. So for now, have fun where you are.

8. Trust your gut.

9. Even if it’s not convenient to break up, do it anyway.

10. Men are SO much more insecure than you realize.


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One response to “Top 10 Dating Tips: From Me. To Me.

  1. T-Ann

    Love these! It makes me want to date again! : )

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