Valentine’s Day, Will You Be My Valentine?

I’ve got a new Valentine this year. And it’s Valentines Day.

I used to treat Valentine’s Day like New Year’s Eve–I’d bury my head under the pillows and wait for the whole thing to pass. Flowers die, chocolate truffles are fattening, and expensive dinners are, well, out of my budget. I’d stay in my pajamas, reading Glamour Magazine till the clock struck midnight on February 15th. Valentine’s Day and me, we weren’t even acquaintances, let alone friends.

Today, Valentine’s Day and I are getting to know each other better. We’re only on our second date, but things seem to be moving along swell. I’m feeling hopeful. My Nice Boyfriend is a romantic, he likes flowers. I’ve decided chocolate covered strawberries are healthy. And sitting at the bar at a fancy restaurant is actually kind of cozy and cheap-ish. Maybe Valentine’s Day isn’t so bad, after all.

Valentine’s Day, will you be my Valentine?


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One response to “Valentine’s Day, Will You Be My Valentine?

  1. Liz

    For most of my life, my valentine has been my mom (except for once or twice when my valentine was also my cousin’s two toddler boys – cute!!). Mom even sent me chocolates in college (a heart-shaped box of four different chocolates, which may or may not had Peanuts characters on it), and I was genuinely sad the first year that she may not have sent me good wishes from her and my dad. This made her feel guilty, so she now still sends me cards. It’s nice getting something from my husband now that I finally have a valentine I’m not related to, but my first true love will always be my mom and dad. 😉

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