A Case for NOT Kissing…

…on the First Date, that is.

Dear Mr. First Date,

You know I just met you, right? Our conversation has been really great so far, and the scallops appetizer was delicious. You were right, it seemed a little premature to end our date right after dessert. Since it was only 9:15pm. You were right in the middle of telling me about your sister in Colorado who completed a triathlon last fall. So we went for a drink nearby. Well played, Mr. First Date. That was a nice dark loungy bar where we could both relax in our booth, with cocktails in hand.

But still, I didn’t know you five hours ago. After one date, we’re still strangers. I’m interested in you, as a person, and I definitely think you’re handsome. But I always kinda thought a kiss should mean something. A kiss is not “just a kiss,” but a testament to attraction, passion, and connection.

You and me, we’re not there yet. An air-kiss on the cheek will do just fine. I’ll see you on our second date, and we’ll take it from there.




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One response to “A Case for NOT Kissing…

  1. T-Ann

    You are so cute! If I was on a first date with you, I’d definitely go in for the first kiss! : )

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