6 Non-Romantic Advantages to Dating

There are tons of Romantic Advantages to Dating. That butterfly-in-the-belly feeling you get when he gazes into your eyes, a surreptitious hand on your leg, or the big lean in for the kiss. This post is not about those things.

Let’s consider the Non-Romantic Advantages of Dating. You get to:

1. Explore a new neighborhood. Life exists outside your 4 block radius.

2. Try a new cocktail. Your date is dying to show off his liquor knowledge.

3. Eat at a restaurant you’ve heard about but always thought was too pricey. A girl gets hungry.

4. Break in those new shoes you got at the Barney’s Warehouse Sale. Size, Schmize. They were 80% off.

5. Enjoy a luxurious taxi ride home. Admit it, you love watching the backseat 3-inch TV screen on repeat. I know I do.

6. Get interior decorating ideas. Hey, it’s just a nightcap. Who said anything about staying over?


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