Top 10 Dating Tips: From Me. To Me.

Hello my loves! I’m still so ridiculously thrilled to present the Top 1o Dating Tips: From Me. To Me.!

Here’s the Deal: I have the honor of interviewing the bestest women on the planet for The Dating Project. And at the very end of these interviews, when the pen is down, the book is closed, the interview is ov-ah, I’ve been slipping in one more teensy-weensy little question:

“What Advice Would You Give Your 10-Year-Younger Self?”

Here’s what our women said:

1. Be more confident in yourself.

2. Have fun! Don’t be so serious about it.

3. Don’t have any regrets, everything you’re doing is perfect.

4. You have the power in the relationship.

5. Keep exercising. Even when you feel like it’s a lost cause. You need it to feel good in your body.

6. Allow yourself to get angry. It’s OK, it doesn’t mean you’re gonna break up.

7. Stop telling my mom about every first date. It’s emotionally exhausting.

8. It’s OK to be emotional.

9. You don’t have to work so hard to be sexy.

10. Focus more on yourself.



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2 responses to “Top 10 Dating Tips: From Me. To Me.

  1. kate

    big heart to #9! i still need that reminder 🙂

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