About The Inside Voice

The Inside Voice is a Dating Blog.

It’s about dating.
It’s about being a woman who dates.
It’s about being a full, pulsing, gutsy, delicious woman who dates.

Here You’ll Find:

-Real Live Dating Stories (Fairy Tales, disasters, and everything in between) from the smartest women you know.
-Dating Tips.
-Dating Advice.
-Dating Opinions. (Everyone’s got one.)
-Dating Dogma. (I’ll try to keep it to a minimum.)


Because I think dating is FUN. I also think dating is a practice, a process, and a medium for your self-growth. Did I mention fun?! And when dating with the right mind-set, you can fall madly in love with yourself. Everything else is cake.

Also, The Inside Voice will make you Happy, Irresistible, Sexy and a Joy-To-Be-Around. I can’t promise. But I’ve got a hunch.


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