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6 Ways to Describe Single Women

Single Women can be described in over 600 ways. Or Six.

I spend much of my time with Single Women. They inspire me, and they challenge me. Hell, some of my best friends are Single Women. And as you probably know, I used to be a Single Woman myself. Over the years, I’ve found that Single Women are…

1. Happy. Single women serve their own needs first. And a girl needs to be happy. If happiness lives in a box of Jacques Torres chocolate truffles and a restorative yoga class on Friday night, so be it. Who’s going to argue otherwise?

2. Connected. Single women have strong, solid relationships. They communicate clearly and often, with dear friends and chosen family. Single women have friendships that only deepen with time and trials and tribulations. Friendships can outlive boyfriend after boyfriend.

3. Feminine. Single Women tend to know other Single Women. And when you put a few Single Women in one space, you get a full-blown Goddess Gathering. That is, you get a group of women who are not afraid to be as “feminine” as they naturally are. Women communicate and share. Women tackle sticky topics like work, sex, babies, mothers, fathers, pain, fears, and true happiness. Women emote. Single Women emote a lot.

4. Hot. Single women are hot. Single Women are in your yoga class, rocking out in spinning class, and treating themselves to sushi dinners. Single women dine out on small plates and a glass (or 3) of wine. Most Single Women eat out a lot. And eating out, contrary to popular belief, is not fattening. However, it is expensive. Hence, the small plates, and the skinny jeans.

5. Stylish. Single Women have great wardrobes. They know where to shop, and how to shop. They know how to show off their best features. Single Women are peacocks, after all.

6. Rockstars. Single Women are Rockstars, at least according to Great Aunt Roz in Fort Lauderdale. If you’re a Single Woman, the relatives think you’re fabulous, or famous, or both. So what if they don’t quite understand what you do for a living, or how you spend your time and money? They can see that Single Women do things a little differently from most of the nice girls in your high school graduating class. Single Women have parties to attend, and people to see. Single Women are the family Rockstars!


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I’ll Never Move In To My Boyfriend’s Apartment…

And 3 Other Lies I’ve Told Myself:

As you know by now, my boyfriend and I are moving in together. Actually, this is untrue. My boyfriend is staying put. I’m moving in to his place.

Before I met Alan, I vowed to never, ever, move into an apartment that a boyfriend already occupied. It would be full of his stuff, his energy, his books, and his memories. Naturally, the apartment would be a dark and dingy place, and have no appeal to me whatsoever. It wouldn’t be right. There wouldn’t be any closet space, and definitely no shoe rack. And besides, Mr. Boyfriend would have chosen it without me. It would never truly be mine.

No, I would not move into someone else’s apartment.

Well, I’m moving in. The space is spectacular. It’s bigger than I first realized. It has good light. My office will be on the warmer side of the apartment. Also, Alan actually wants me to choose the curtains, pillow cases, and a bed spread. He knows I’m drawn to large, grandma-y flowers. And he’s ok with that.

It’s true, Alan did choose this apartment without me. There are memories in these walls that I’ll never know. He’s lived mini-lifetimes here. But now it will be ours. Not his. Not mine, all ours.

And as promised, 3 Other Lies I’ve Told Myself:
1. I’ll never write for a living.
2. I’d like to go grey someday. (No day soon.)
3. I hate Williamsburg. (Fine. I don’t hate Williamsburg. It’s my new home.)

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11 Reasons I Say THANK YOU.

In no particular order, I say THANK YOU because…

1. My rent hasn’t gone up this year. Thank you, rent stabilization.

2. I have health insurance. Dental and vision included.

3. I have a boyfriend. And he’s dreamy.

4. I have a MacBook Pro. It scares me but I’m grateful for it.

5. I have a hairdresser that I trust. The “natural look” takes a lot of care and consideration.

6. My students are incredible and supportive.

7. My bosses are incredible and supportive.

8. Loehmann’s offers special birthday sales to insider card members.

9. I am healthy.

10. The Louie G’s Italian Ices stand is open through November. To go, obviously.

11. I am loved. My life is perfect.

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Thank You, Part 2. In List Form.

One post is not enough. THANK YOU. Again.

Last weekend’s Goddess Retreat threw a fuzzy blanket of gratitude over the whole week. Gratitude cuddlefest!!

And as a result, I’m experimenting with a regular Gratitude Practice. It’s simple–I list in clear and simple language, either silently, verbally, or pen to paper, all of the things that I’m grateful for, past, present and future.

Also, I’m falling in love with lists. In the past, lists seemed dull, boring, and without magic. But now they’re perfectly suited to capture all the kooky things that pop into my head, and flow out of my pen. With lists, there’s no need for explanation. If it’s on the list, it’s correct.

So here’s my weekly wrap-up of “Thank You’s”, in no particular order.

1. Autumn layers
2. Girlfriend late night chats
3. Individually purchased chocolate caramel clusters at The Chocolate Room on Court Street
4. Romantic quotes in romantic emails from my romantic boyfriend
5. Yoga class with live music accompaniment

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NEW Fall Schedule!

It’s Fall! Break out the blazers and scarves, the big leather boots, and the sexy sweaters. Suddenly tweed is back in style. Again. New York was made for this weather. And New Yorkers were made for this season. We know how to do new beginnings, fresh starts, dramatic entrances. Admit it, you were always the best dressed kid on the first day of school.

OK, back to the topic at hand….NEW Fall Schedule! You’re gonna love it. Please note the following FABULOUS ADDITIONS:

SUNDAY 3:15-4:45 Int/Adv @ Bend and Bloom Yoga

MONDAY 12:30-2:00 Basics @ Bend and Bloom Yoga

And take a look at the full skeddy here. It’s always updated with love for your viewing pleasure.

 See you soon!

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Dear Irene–A Love Letter

Dear Irene,

I adored you. I believed in you. I welcomed you with excitement and fear.  But now you’ve moved on and I don’t know what to do in your absence.

I had secret hopes for us. I imagined you’d sweep through my windows and clean me off. You’d keep me safe, of course, but you’d destroy everything unneccessary in my apartment. Irene, couldn’t you kindly mop the floors, undust my dusty surfaces? Couldn’t you just send me to live with my boyfriend in domestic bliss, so he can stock the fridge and pick up the laundry?

I was really hoping we could re-work my closet together. I could have used your impeccable editing skills to pare down to the absolute essentials. Designer vintage dresses? Gone. Galoshes? They can stay.

Irene, I fantasized you’d force me to rough it. Thanks to you, I would finally have a camping story. I would have survived the unthinkable, battled nature and won! And lived to blog about it.

I wanted this storm. I wanted you, Irene. But it wasn’t meant to be.

Forever Yours,


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Got Energy?

Last week was an energetic doozy. It was filled with long days out of sync with my regular routine.

On the normally designated “greasy hair and pajama days” sitting in front of the computer, I was instead out and about, in the flow of activities. I enjoyed the sweet nostalgia of  stepping into a couple of my old-time teaching slots from last fall and winter. I posed for the lululemon ambassadorship photo shoot, and took part in meetings for the super duper exciting upcoming Practice Camp at Mala Yoga.

But when I woke up last Monday morning, I had a sweeping feeling of panic. I couldn’t imagine what was to come. I wasn’t able to visualize myself in each activity to create a calm and prepared presence. My trusty written calendar was sloppy and illegible. And most importantly, when would I get a nap?!  The newness and one-offness of the week threw me. Big time.

And when I get thrown, I get tired. I get low-energy, sleepy, pooped.  Just the thought of the week to come made me ready to curl up and rock myself into a dream state. Oy vey, NOT a good look for an active yoga teacher–a physical example of health and peppiness!

Miraculously, the week happened and I lived to blog about it.

My energy started to shift after my first appointment. One thing down, check. It wasn’t immediate, but as I sloped toward the midpoint of my weekly activities each step fell naturally from the next. And by Friday afternoon, I forgot to worry for a moment. I wasn’t dragging all of the past and future activities with me in my brain. Instead, I placed my full attention on the apricot iced tea I was drinking.

Having stuff to DO refocused my energy into action, instead of anxiety. In the end, I felt even fuller with energy.  And yes, the caffeinated iced tea helped.

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Lookin’ Good!

Just one more week till May! Makes me think of sandals and exposed shoulders and spray tans.

Yoga is a lot of things: a lifestyle, a spiritual practice, a way to connect to your deepest self, and understand the connection among ourselves and all other beings. Its a lot.

It’s also an incredible way to sweat, tone, and strengthen the body. It will keep you feeling healthy and LOOKING FANTASTIC! There’s no shame in feeling great in your body, and feeling great because you LOVE your body.

Extra bikini-prep ab routine anyone?

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