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Help…I’m Eating Like I’ll Never Date Again!

So I have this friend, Jill.

Jill is lovely, and blessed with a naturally tall, thin frame. She doesn’t get fat, she just gets “soft.” But to me, Jill always looks long and lithe.

However, Jill, like many women (myself included, during my dating days) links eating and body image to self-worth and dating. Abridged Version: More food in; Less going out.

This is crazy.  With a heaping dose of self-love and self-confidence, Jill is ready and able to date. If she believes she’s a sexy catch in the body she’s in, her dance card will be filled with men who couldn’t agree more.

That guy across the room doesn’t know that she had extra humentashen last night (Happy Purim!) or that Jill’s extra skinny jeans are no longer buttonable without exactly three deep squats and a flop on to the bed. No, Mr. Man-Across-The-Room isn’t thinking about any of that. Instead, he sees Pretty Jill. She smiles, and he thinks she’s the most radiant being he’s ever seen.

I know what you’re thinking….Great for Jill. But what about me? I don’t feel so hot in this body o’ mine. How do I gain self-love and self-confidence in my body?

1. Feed it. Enjoy every morsel that you put into your mouth. Your body needs it, or loves it, or BOTH.

2. Move it. Yoga, running, walking, stair climbing, horseback riding, whatever. A moving body is a happy body.

3. Adore it. Treat yourself well. Pamper yourself with scented moisturizer, a new hair do, or a manicure. Delight in your soft skin, your curves, and your shiny hair. It’s all yours, and it’s fabulous.

Self confidence. Get it, and start going out!


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Simple Pleasures

I admit it, it’s not directly Dating or Yoga related. But my simple pleasure is getting my hair done. And today’s the day! I’m going for the full “Cut and Color.”  Sure, I need to cover the grays. But the added pouffy, flouncy, product-smelly result is priceless. The holiday season is instantly sweeter, yet still deliciously fat-free.

What is YOUR simple pleasure? Enjoy it fully, you deserve it!

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11 Reasons I Say THANK YOU.

In no particular order, I say THANK YOU because…

1. My rent hasn’t gone up this year. Thank you, rent stabilization.

2. I have health insurance. Dental and vision included.

3. I have a boyfriend. And he’s dreamy.

4. I have a MacBook Pro. It scares me but I’m grateful for it.

5. I have a hairdresser that I trust. The “natural look” takes a lot of care and consideration.

6. My students are incredible and supportive.

7. My bosses are incredible and supportive.

8. Loehmann’s offers special birthday sales to insider card members.

9. I am healthy.

10. The Louie G’s Italian Ices stand is open through November. To go, obviously.

11. I am loved. My life is perfect.

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Beauty Advice, Puh-LEEZE! Round 1: Mascara


I need a new waterproof mascara.

I’m a yoga teacher. I sweat and want to look pretty doing it.

Please, can anyone recommend a dark black (or even navy) colored, sexy, sultry, wave-making mascara that won’t create heroin chic rings around my eyes?

Also, not too pricey.

Come on ladies, this is info that needs to be shared!!!!

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Color of the Week–Smokin’ Hot!

Dears, it’s been three whole weeks since my last mani/pedi. And for too long to admit, I walked from yoga studio to lunch date to yoga studio again with a chipped pedicure, and naked finger nails. Routine beauty pleasures just got lost in the hustle of the week. But not forgotten.

This week, I’m back with shiny new fingers and toes.

Color of the Week: “Smokin’ Hot!” by Essie. Try not to love it.

Smokin' Hot! By Essie

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Let’s talk about hair. Specifically, short hair.

For much of my childhood and adult life, I’ve had short hair. I neither loved it nor hated it. It was just what my hair looked like. But ever so faintly, I associated my short and straight hair with being a little less pretty, and a little less attractive.

As I got older, I recognized the allure of my short hair. I appreciated the brash confidence it took to show off my neck, jaw line, and ears. I liked the simplicity of it. I liked having my face open with nothing to hide behind. Short hair and me, we’d made peace.

Still, I admired long hair from afar. It flows down the back, or gets loosely thrown up in a bun, threatening to topple down. I longed for long hair, but it was impossible. My hair just wasn’t thick enough. I’d have to  understand.

But then a few years ago, I met my current hairdresser, Kim. And Kim LOVES long hair. Finally! With her, I now experiment with hair that flows down way past my shoulders. Kim cuts for maximum fullness (which my hair naturally lacks) and styles it so I look like a person who is used to having such a big business on the top of her head.

I love it. But I feel like a sham. No matter how long my hair grows, I’ll always be a short hair girl on the inside. Still, I’m not cutting it off. At least not yet. I’m not done gazing at the woman in the mirror with the big head of hair.

Maybe its a phase, I don’t know. It does grow back, right?

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Color of the Week: Swimsuit…Nailed It!

Color of the Week: Swimsuit…Nailed It!  By OPI.

This confused me to no end. What does that even mean?

BUT, this very morning one Anna Norman clarified things for me. Apparently, this color is part of the Miss Universe Collection.

Of course it is.

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Color of the Week–Get In the Expresso Lane!

Color of the Week–Get In The Expresso Lane! by OPI.

Seriously autumnal. This color is more taupe-y gray then purple. Matte. Sexy. Break out the sweaters and tweed, we’re going dark!


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Color of the Week–Razzmatazz

Base Coat: A Grape Fit! By OPI
Top Coat: Show It And Glow it! By OPI

Fine. So it’s not exactly called Razzmatazz, but it should be. Do you see what I did here? This brilliant color/texture combo (also on toes, not shown) was designed completely by yours truly!

OPI should really put me on their payroll.

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Color of the Week and Mala Practice Camp THANK YOU!

This week’s nail color is brought to you by the cuties at Mala Yoga, the newly discovered Butter London brand of polish, and the need for some pre-autumn drama.

After I taught yesterday’s 8am Int/Adv class at Mala, Steph came in to teach her regular 10am and 12pm slots. Looking awesome, she kissed me on the forehead and placed a card and a little tissue-papered box in my hand. In the card was the sweetest hand writted message from Angela Clark and Stephanie Creaturo, acknowledging and thanking me for being part of Mala Practice Camp for the past two weeks.

For the record, the Mala Practice Camp was aMAzing! The students rocked the house. They baffled me with their dedication, and worked harder than anyone should at 6:45am. Angela and Steph were thoughtful and brilliant, and always hilarious. I’m so gushingly thankful to be part of the Mala community.

But wait, wondering what was inside the tissue-papered box? The most fabulous nail color: Branwen’s Feather by Butter London. Who knew there’s life after OPI?!

Color of the Week - Branwen's Feather by Butter London

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